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Inquisitor Remivich Fayominov

Inquisitor Remivich Fayominov was born to a devout Bauhaus father and a renegade Whitestar mother – a Night Witch of the Tsarina who defected to the Brotherhood following a spiritual vision she received that prophesised that her child would be a powerful force for good in the Brotherhood.

His mother trained him as a child and when his natural aptitude for the Art was discovered he was welcomed into the embrace of the Brotherhood. Remivich – ‘Remi’ to his close friends – was blessed by the ability to sense truth unerringly. Whether it was a legacy from his mother, or merely a natural aptitude for reading micro-expressions has never been clear, but his talents were recognised and he began training as an Inquisitor. Now a seasoned veteran, Remi is one of the Brotherhood’s finest investigators in the war against the Dark Legion.